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air, fire, earth, water


four elements to build our home & city


A fantastic trip that connects the four basic elements of nature: air, fire, earth and water with the concepts of energy, bioclimatic and eco design was realized for a group of children of 7-12 years old.


The action was accomplished in three presentations. The first, more narrative, included a "tour" to various places on the earth, in different latitudes and longitudes, selected according to their climatic characteristics, through images and animated  film clips. The aim was to focus on the diversity of how man builds his residence, but also the diversity of lifestyles within it. The remarkably diverse and colorful residential environment both yesterday and today is connected to one of the most decisive factors that define it: the climate.


The second and third action had a laboratory character where children built two models - sections of the same house. One for the winter and one for the summer, with the necessary interventions in the building (blinds, glass, cross ventilation, operating fireplace, underfloor heating, geothermal ) allowing them to understand the seasonal performance of the house.


The aim was to create a more specific dialogue about how we could improve both the built environment and in extension the city itself through bioclimatic design.

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