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Design 2008

Construction 2010-2011


A four member family residence in the outskirts of the village of Ancient Corinth. The rectangular site is situated at the foot of Acrocorinthos (the impressive fortified rock dominating the area) and runs along the north/south axis overlooking the Gulf of Corinth.


Due to the site's proximity to archaeological sites, the design had to comply with very strict rules regarding the appearance of the building (roof type, openings, colours, etc).


The residence consists of individual and discernible volumes all laid out on one level, adopting the architectural language of traditional rural architecture where the evolution of the building occurs in time, in accordance to the users’ needs.


Furthermore, the spatial layout aims towards a balanced relationship between a beneficial southern solar exposure and the panoramic view of the sea to the north.


Accordingly, the outdoor space is fragmented and organized as a series of terraces and courtyards. The introverted and discreet southern courtyards offer both privacy and protection from the cold winter winds, whereas the northern terrace with the covered belvedere offer spectacular views of the Gulf of Corinth.

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