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216,00 m²

Design 2009


A six bedroom villa, planned to be used as a vacation rental property in the island of Corfu.


The site is in close proximity with the seashore, however it does not have direct access to it. It is also characterized by a very steep  inclination (33%) and the presence of dense vegetation comprising pines, olive trees and cypresses.


The villa is organized on 4 levels, due to the inclination of the site and consists of two discernible volumes-houses bridged by the single storey glazed volume of the main entrance.


Breaking down the villa into two smaller volumes aimed at reducing its perceivable scale and providing unobstructed views of the sea and a sufficient level of isolation for all the occupants.


Taking advantage of the site's steep slope, the outdoor spaces are organized on different levels, thus providing autonomy and privacy for the residents of the villa. A great effort was made to keep as many of the existing trees intact as possible, and to include them in the design of the outdoor spaces.


Morphologically, the design borrowed from the local architectural typologies aiming at a harmonious coexistance with its environment.


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