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72 m²

Design 2006                                 

Wine fair, Oinorama 2006, Athens

Food fair,  Detrop 2007, Thessaloniki                                 

Six individual wine producers sharing similar viewpoints and beliefs and characterized by a forward way of thinking joined forces and decided to share a common stand in a wine fair.


Six vivid colors were chosen by the design team, and each of them was assigned to each of the wine producers. The color was applied to the wine-tasting counter of the respective producer, thus marking his location within the stand’s area.


A common sitting area was provided along the centre of the space, and the six counters are distributed on either side.


Finally, a circular wall creates a volume housing the communal storage space, while at the same time it alleviates the visual and functional impact created by the presence of an exhibition hall’s structural column, by incorporating it into the design.


The whole stand was painted white in order to provide the most neutral background possible for the six colored counters.


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