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110,00 m²

Design - Construction 2010


The project deals with the refurbishment of an apartment with a large terrace on the fourth floor of a 5-storey building. The apartment occupies the whole building floor, with the core of the communal staircase and lift located at the very centre of it, thus leaving the apartment’s spaces to flow circularly around it.

The main objective set by the owner was to create a single space without partitions and doors. The existing partitions were removed thus unifying the space. The various uses were not separated, with the exception of the darkroom and the guest‘s wc.

The entrance area, the kitchen/ dining room and the living room are all situated in contact with the main terrace, whereas the office space is located at the back of the apartment, adjacent to the living room. The bedroom and main bathroom occupy a corner of the apartment, in visual continuity with the dining room and the office, partly isolated by the volumes of the guest‘s WC and the darkroom respectively.

Very few different materials were used, all conforming to a strict three-color rule, thus complimenting the functional unification of the apartment with a visual one. In particular, grey was chosen for all floor surfaces, walls, ceilings and the kitchen countertop, natural wood was selected for the window and door frames and special constructions, while fabrics, cupboards and details are black.

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