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Cycle of lectures on the topic: Sustainable Architecture, Principles,

Applications and Prospects for sustainable development

of the built environment


In June 2005 the Greek Society for the Environment and Culture assigned the coordination of the first series of lectures about the bioclimatic architecture for the public to the office 2S architects.


The lecture was divided into three main sections. The first one that had a theoretical direction including definitions and reference to the prevailing basic theories and applications of bioclimatic design on the international arena, correspondences between  local and traditional architecture, recycling and reuse of materials and differentiation of  active and passive systems design.


The second session involved the presentation of architectural projects, covering a wide range of different uses such as apartment buildings and urban houses, cottages, religious, educational buildings, office buildings and industrial buildings, alterations to existing shells and urban ensembles.


The last section focused on economic parameters and perspectives in national development strategies of mild forms of energy and subsidized programs.

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