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The architectural practice GS architects was established by Georgios Skourtis in October 2014. The practice is dedicated to quality work, detailed design, and consulting services, all within the scope of sustainable design. The collaboration with expert consultants guarantees a holistic approach, meeting all technical challenges (acoustics, lighting, landscaping, engineering and electromechanical) presented in each individual project. GS architects' design portfolio includes single-family houses, apartments, office spaces, industrial buildings, retail spaces and exhibition stands. It's work has been published in several periodical editions.


GS architects' residential work includes villas, single-family residences, vacation houses, and apartments.The design focuses on the client's brief and requirements, offering the best solution for them in the given context. Energy consumption, provision of thermal and visual comfort for the occupants as well as the environmental properties of materials used, are major issues taken into consideration. The end result is an environmentally conscious edifice which combines functionality with aesthetic appeal.  



Having designed and constructed a number of small and medium-sized visitable industrial buildings (wineries, brewery etc.), GS architects deliver designs custom made for each company's profile and production needs, thus contributing towards the creation of a strong brand identity. Key issues of the design include the successful dissociation between the production process flow and the visitors' circulation paths, the visual integration of the building into the surrounding environment and the reduction of the building's energy dependence.


Exhibition stands

An exhibition stand is in essence a three-dimensional advertising message and the spatial expression of the exhibiting company’s profile and philosophy of business. The practice has a long-standing experience in the design and construction of customized exhibition stands which have been succesfully realized in Greece and abroad.



GS architects provide environmental consultancy to architectural practices and engineers and have successfully participated in numerous occasions as environmental specialists in multidisciplinary groups of engineers for private and public projects in Greece and abroad contibuting to first prizes and awarded contracts.

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